Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Trump shutdown: A civics lesson

Pick your title for this post.

We'll start with the one that I used.  Does anyone teach civics anymore?  Is part of the problem that many people have no idea what governments (local, county, state, and/or federal/national) do?  More on this later.

Here 's another possible candidate:  "The Trump shutdown:  'It's the economy, stupid.'"

Our son the cynic insists that Trump and his supporters won't change their minds about anything Trump says or does unless it affects them personally.  I'm inclined to agree.  I joked with my husband that Trump wouldn't re-open the government until his Washington, DC hotel started losing business because no one could fly into any of the DC-area airports.  That's pretty much what happened.  Someone on AM Joy this morning said that the shutdown had ended because some of the people involved in running the Super Bowl football game were afraid that they'd lose a fortune if fans couldn't fly to the game.

On a humorous note, I could have tried a play on lollapalooza as the name of this post:  Pelosi-palooza, anyone?

My personal favorite, though rather long for a blog-post name, would be "The Trump shutdown:  I hate to tell you this, Mr. President, but it's the so-called "Deep State" that keeps our airplanes safe."

Full disclosure:  My husband is a retired federal employee.

And I fiercely resent any implication that his 30 years of auditing federal government contracts was a waste of taxpayer money.

Who do think finds the $600 toilet seats, if not federal government contract auditors?  They don't waste taxpayers' money, they try to save taxpayers' money!

Federal employees prevent mid-air collisions.

Federal employees check luggage for weapons or explosives.

Federal employees provide medical care to Native Americans.

Federal employees monitor our food supply to try to prevent illness.

Federal employees make sure that we get our tax refunds.

In my opinion, one of the biggest problems with the Trump administration is our president's adamant refusal to acknowledge the fact that anyone other than he has any expertise in anything.  If you think that you can run the entire country single-handedly, then shutting down the government is no big deal.  Heaven help federal employees.  And heaven help this country.


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